About MT4i


MT4i's mission is to deliver institutional-quality software and services to brokers, traders and developers worldwide. MT4i's software and services have been designed in response to a real need in these markets and in many cases have been customised to meet specific user requirements.


MT4i's management have backgrounds in financial services, the internet, the development of industry-wide software solutions, and in the design and implementation of sophisticated back-testing and automated-trading systems. The MT4i team are uniquely placed to understand and meet the needs of the trading community. Due to the significant growth in the use of MetaTrader and related customer demand, much of MT4i's recent work has been with this platform.

MT4i is proud of its reputation for quality, reliability and depth and breadth of analysis.

Services for brokers, traders, and developers

MT4i's main activities include:

  • Web publishing: running one of the largest free web publishing and analysis sites offering value-added services to traders in over 120 countries worldwide.
  • Software development and services: providing value-added services, including software, to brokers, traders, and developers.

MT4i looks forward to being of service to you.